Ticketing Services
Ticketing Services

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Planning travel itineraries and reservations for Air Travel and all associated arrangements:

  • Astra team is experienced and empowered to provide best alternatives in response to clients’ needs for scheduled domestic, international and charter flights.
  • Astra influence and experience as top producer on major airlines, ensure wide spectrum of advantages and benefits to clients.
  • Produce personalized detailed travel itinerary planning for clients’ selection and approval based on different travel options and solutions to ensure efficiently planned and managed trip (e.g. cost-saving price quotations, connecting times, total flying hours, airline safety, etc...).
  • Astra maintain updated clients’ profile on secured database to ensure accurate processing of travel requests matching recorded individual traveler details and Corporate Travel Policy (e.g. seat assignment, meal preference, frequent flyer for enrollment, tracking and benefits, etc...)
  • Find cheapest available air fares on selected class at time of booking according to traveler’s preference and priority considering related restrictions and conditions.
  • Astra Travel is benefiting of full access to 2 of the largest Global Distribution System (GDS) in the world to empower deep search and detection of best availability and rates around the world to clients’ advantage.
  • Astra Travel operational process ensure that all issued tickets are guaranteed for actual boarding on busy scheduled flights, several checks applied to keep track and follow up with major airlines to guarantee no gaps supported by Astra’s airport assistance team.
  • Tickets are delivered electronically or in accordance to clients’ preference.
  • Dedicated phone numbers answered by experienced travel advisor during working hours.
  • Astra is making available customer service support 24/7/365 to regular customers for emergency back-up beyond working hours and during official holidays or unexpected interruptions.
  • Regular updates and travel news on special travel packages, tour offers, and airlines’ promotions and news specials.
  • VIP customers/guests are entitled to special handling with certain airlines whenever possible.
  • Astra Travel negotiates on behalf of regular clients beneficial business deals with major airlines and hotels using Astra’s influence and business volume strength as prominent market leader.
  • Astra experience and business influence contribute positively to reduce clients’ travel expenditures by negotiating special deals, on behalf of regular clients, with selected carriers used frequently to different destinations.
  • Astra design and propose to regular clients suitable travel strategy to implement Corporate Travel Policy maximizing rewards and achieving travel cost reductions.
  • Astra Travel dedicated customer service advisors prepare several travel options to match traveler plans in accordance to specific preference and priority to allow clients to select best available option.
Ticketing Services